Hear From Dr. Beth Grant

AG Youth - 6/6/2017 6:00:00 AM

Heath Adamson & Dr. Beth Grant from AG Youth on Vimeo.

Video Transcript

Heath Adamson- Hello, my name is Heath Adamson. I’m here with Dr. Beth Grant. You know, the gospel of Jesus Christ emphasizes something known as justice. Dr. Grant, why is justice important to the heart of God?

Dr. Beth Grant- When Jesus began His ministry on earth He said, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me. He has anointed Me to preach good news to the poor, to set at liberty those who are captives." And He goes on. So, from the beginning of Jesus' earthly ministry, He was saying, "The Spirit of God, the anointing, the Spirit is upon Me." For not just healing, not just for salvation, but to set captives free. So, this was a critical part of why Jesus came, why He ministered, and why He died on the cross.

It was also to speak and to live out and to give deliverance to those who were in slavery. And so, this is a very powerful, powerful part of the gospel. And even from the cross and all the way past the cross to Pentecost, then the Spirit of the Lord being poured out, not just on Jesus, but on those who would follow Him. And go through Pentecost, to see literal slaves find freedom, deliverance, and new life in Christ.

HA- Now, you see – I don’t know if everybody who’s watching – you see literal slaves find freedom on a regular basis, both those who are enslaved physically, as well as those who are enslaved spiritually. Can you just take a moment and share, right now watching this, there are men and women and students, people of all ages and genders, who have a deep burden to see justice come to the earth. Their heart is moved with compassion and they want to have a profound impact in this world. What have you seen literally when it comes to people who are slaves being set free?

BG- Well, in just the last couple days, my husband and I have been back in India. And spent beautiful time with young women who literally were born into brothels, ten, fifteen years ago. And all through ministries of the church, through Project Rescue and colleagues, these young women have been physically brought out of slavery. Now they have gone through restoration, they have become followers of Jesus. They have become confident, courageous young women of God.

And now they are feeling called by God to go back in to places of incredible evil and darkness, and go in and share this fabulous gospel that Jesus can give you new life. You don't have to be a slave, you don't have to be in bondage, you don't have to be broken. And a woman who’s wounded all her life, you can be set free.

And so, now to see these young women who are confident, called to ministry, some of them teachers, some nurses, the little girls that are born exposed to unimaginable evil, and who have found freedom – that’s the message of the gospel, an incredible message. Evil is not a concept. It's a shuttering, a choking reality. It's literal darkness. And so, there's a spiritual component of injustice that requires and demands a spiritual response, not just a physical response.

So many good people, Heath, are getting women and children physically out of slavery, but they’re not addressing the spiritual and emotional and psychological dimensions of slavery. So, a woman is pulled out physically, but within weeks she is back in slavery unless she meets Jesus.

HA- Unless she meets Jesus. And when Jesus comes, things that are dead come to life. When Jesus comes, things and people who are broken are made whole. Right now, watching this video are people who want to not only make a difference, but make the difference through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Any advice you would give anybody who’s watching this of how they can bring justice to the earth and have a profound impact in their generation?

BG- First look around your own community, your city, and see those who are homeless, who are in need, physical need, who are in bondage as well. But wherever you find homelessness and those kinds of challenges, you find those who are in bondage, in prostitution, other kinds of slavery because those tend to go together. And then begin to pray over those parts of the city. Everything happens through prayer. Nothing life-changing happens without prayer and intercession. Start praying with their friends and say, "What part of the darkness can we address, what part of bondage and injustice does God want us to address?"

And then begin to say, "How can we help and volunteer locally?" Pray about the global issue, but engage locally first. Because there's a huge need, and really an injustice in our world without Jesus, there's no hope.

But young people who know Jesus have hope. And they don't realize what a gift that hope is in Christ. Just to be able to share that faith and hope that Jesus can bring freedom. And begin to transparently go to difficult places, meet physical needs – often the physical are most apparent. Jesus sent us to give the cup of cold water in His name. So, meet physical needs, and as we do that, hearts are open to share also the spiritual deliverance that's available through Christ.

HA- Dr. Grant, thank you, you inspire us all. And thank you for watching.